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SPAR Racking is a family owned and operated company importing, wholesaling and distributing a large range of storage products and associated accessories to meet its customers’ requirements for Homes, Offices and Warehouses.

We offer our customers special prices every day that have been stable for a long time. We display our prices online (please click link in main menu) unlike most other suppliers. We do try and match prices as much as we can at all times. Our products are more attractive in comparison to drab colours available elsewhere, are excellently priced and offer super value for money as claimed by customers who buy from us so do try us out. We deliver anywhere in Australia at the best prices so if you cannot come to us just order and our product can definitely come out to you.

SPAR was started in 2009 by an industry veteran of 20 years having worked with major international racking manufacturers across Asia and Australia having learned the nuances of production, distribution, marketing and sales with industry leaders. The idea behind starting this business was to introduce and promote a new range of storage products and accessories at best value price points while making a niche for the SPAR brand in the market with the best customer service standards possible. It’s not surprising that 90% of our customers place repeat orders with us while we never lose new customers to competitors.

What was noted was that the market was being run over by cheap, uncertified or used racking products being promoted by dodgy suppliers to unsuspecting buyers. In most cases buyers are left with half met promises and often saddled with nothing but scrap metal. You would not want to be caught out by WorkCover or OH&S with these products as many of our unsuspecting customers found out.

Steel racking is a structural product and needs to conform to certain standards due to its weight bearing capabilities. Be aware of many suppliers (usually fly-by-night operators) that import untested racking from unknown manufacturers and falsely claim conformance to Australian AS-4084 standards. Getting your products tested and certified to our stringent standards is actually a rigorous and expensive process and not all products stand up to it. SPAR would not stamp its name into the recesses of our products unless we were sure of its quality and manufacturing processes. Please note that if you do not see our brand stamped on the beams it was not supplied by us.

SPAR Pallet Racking is fully compatible in terms of slot patterns with the commonly used DEXION brand as well as designed and manufactured to

·         International manufacturing quality standard AS/NZS ISO9002

·         AS4084 (Australian Standard for Steel Storage Racking)

·         SEMA - FEM 10.2.02 (European Design Code for Racking)

·         Rack Manufactures Institute (USA)

·         DIN 15018-2 (Deutsches Institut für Normung)

We import all our products from a trading partner whose calls Australia its largest export market. They use SS400 grade steel (certificates can be provided on request) in all the components. All beams come stamped with our company name SPAR so it’s obvious we are not here to make a quick buck but sell and install quality products at value for money price points. All our beams and frames are manufactured with 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm or 2.5mm thick steel depending on your requirements and weight capacities. We are big in custom made products given our customers who range from wool distributors to brake disc manufacturers.

We have tested our racking independently in Australia and have AS-4084 full engineering test reports from Melbourne's Monash University and Townsville’s James Cook University which are available for viewing when requested.

Please remember that any storage requirement to meet your needs is possible with a bit of innovation so speak to our team prior to making a decision and ensure you get the best deal. Our company believes in complete transparency and displays its product prices on this website. You will find most racking suppliers who ask their customer’s uncomfortable questions then quote on a case-to-case basis, what they perceive a price, you as a customer are likely to pay. We promise to try and beat any competitor's quote within reasonable bounds for a similar product just so that we do not lose you as a customer. You need to be aware that we can come close to but cannot beat USED product prices in any situation.

SPAR imports all its products in bulk for their customers providing them with easy access to economical products that meet and exceed stringent Australian standards. The company has made a commitment of integrity to its customers. SPAR does not import its products on price alone but on its manufacturing partner’s abilities to meet ISO and Australian AS-4084 standards and ability to meet current/future market demands in terms of manufacture for medium to large projects. The company will use its management team’s international expertise to buy at an economical cost based on negotiations without any compromise on quality. SPAR is an Australian family owned business which has created a niche for itself in the Pallet Racking supplier market dominated mainly by large Multinationals and other mid-size companies. The best assurance we can give our customers is that the products supplied will be on par with any product available in the market with the added benefit of lower costs that you will appreciate most.

Any questions?

If you want to know about Pallet Racking products, you may want to look at some answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) that are posted on our website. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us on as we look forward to helping you with any queries you may have! On behalf of the SPAR team, we assure you of a unique buying experience with us while we strive to bring you great products at even better prices!

SPAR Management

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